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School Locker Painting Repair Refurbishment
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Houston-Area Services: Electrostatic Painting • School Locker Painting, Repair and Refurbishment
:: HEAVY DUTY END PANELS (exposed ends)
Heavy duty ends to be formed of 20 gauge mild steel. Ends shall be flat and fastened to door frames and side sheets with a minimum of 10 rivets or screws. The leading edge may be placed behind door frames when applicable and secured through existing holes or endsmay be surface mounted on existing frames. Advantage: Looks neater, cleaner and reduces damageability.
Tops to be fabricated of 22 gauge mild steel with closed ends. Pitch to be minimum of 25 degrees. Tops to be fastened to locker at no greater than 36" intervals. Advantage: Prevents books, etc. from being stacked on top of lockers, causing damage and eliminates garbage.
:: HEAVY DUTY TOP OVERLAY (for flat or slope top)
Overlay shall be fabricated from 20 gauge cold rolled steel. Slope top fronts shall be formed to insure a safe edge. Overlay panels shall be installed so that all joints fit tightly, rivets or screws shall be used to install overlay. All existing tops shall be straightened and refastened before new overlay panels are installed. Advantage: Reduces possibility of dents.
Kick Plate shall be fabricated from 22 gauge cold rolled steel. Panels shall be installed so that all joints fit tightly. Steel rivets or self tapping screws shall be used to fasten panels to locker. Fasteners shall be spaced appropriately to ensure inseparability from the locker. Advantage: Keeps debris from going under lockers. Provides a more finished look and reduces trash under footed lockers.
Bottom overlay shall be made from 18-20 gauge steel, pre-painted to protect against rust. Overlay shall be made to fit tightly into position. Advantage: Reduces dents caused by heavy books being dropped.
Missing doors as specified shall be supplied as original or equal equipment. All efforts will be made to assure conformity by locating like doors in one group or area, swapping and rearranging existing doors as required.
Built-in combination locks shall be provided for each opening. Each lock shall have three-number dialing, 5 combination changes and provision for master control key. Lock shall be deadbolt type, as provided by Master Lock #1670. Padlocks shall be Master combinations with key control. We do not repair Master locks.
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