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School Locker Painting Repair Refurbishment
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Houston-Area Services: Electrostatic Painting • School Locker Painting, Repair and Refurbishment
Don’t forget to ask us about our ongoing maintenance contracts. We can keep your lockers functioning properly throughout the school year. Maintenance contracts are a great way to keep your locker refurbishment expenses in check and give you great peace of mind!
Brighten Up Your School With Refurbished Lockers!
All schools face the problem of paint-worn and damaged lockers. School administrators are aware that vandalism and normal wear-and-tear wreak havoc on this essential investment.
However, if you're considering new lockers, did you know that:
Most older lockers are better than anything you can buy now because they were built with thicker gauges and metal latching mechanisms. Older lockers offer many years of extended life when properly repaired and maintained.
You CAN have that "new locker" look without the cost of replacement!
Custodial and maintenance people rarely have the time, parts, tools or experience to perform routine renovation.
Well-maintained lockers help hallway traffic to flow safely and quietly.

Renovate...Don't Replace!
ElectroCoat's professional service will delight you AND your school's bottom line!
On your part, wouldn't you prefer effortless to disruptive, quick to time-consuming, and cost-effective to expensive?
You can be assured that our exclusive refurbishing process will provide you
with a smooth transition to "Like-New" Lockers!

Quick! Clean! Cost-Effective!
NO FOG, NO MESS and no distruption, since we work around your
day-to-day maintenance.
At start-up, we perform our 14 point repair plan which includes replacing nuts, bolts and parts as needed.
You'll be able to select from custom colors and either a smooth finish or textured finish.
We use a liquid and hand sanding process to prepare them, and then lockers will be painted on-site and in place using our special electrostaic process.
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